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lags like hell on my computer but cool

also what folder contains the .exe? Im trying to make a shortcut for it.

also it takes a really long time to launch

Is multiplayer available?

Uhh.. yeah? Just go into the server list.

is this game still under development? no comments from the developer!

Auszug aus der e-mail, die ich erhalten habe:
Guten Abend cHyper,
sorry für die späte Antwort.
Leider ist es aufgrund meines Vollzeitjobs nicht möglich an Stonecraft weiter zu arbeiten. Ich habe jedoch die Hoffnung irgendwann wieder in Teilzeit gehen zu können, dann würde ich gerne wieder an Updates arbeiten. Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Andreas Zahnleiter

idk why but i cant see my cursor, i made a world but after it says connecting to server it shuts down. I really wanna play it cuz i dont have money to register minecraft, and I really hope i could play this, pls help me


any new updates of this awesome game?


one year after the last update, when will be the next milestone for this funny game?

I downloaded but i cant find anything to open the game



look into the bin folder

Search in the stonecraft folder for .exe files. You'll find it.

Bro this game is just damn awsome i love it


See this then.

It does not work


ah it got suspended, wait.

So when will it come huh?


someday, i'll soon notify you. meanwhile you can watch the trailer.

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please add some other mobs too like wolves, fox, etc to make it more real. And could you please add the removed tools to the game like flashlight because still on enabling technic I could not find it. And could you please tell me how can I enable hunger because I am unable to find and enable that.

If you don't mind could you please add the beacon which gives status effects in not so simple mobs option because I love beacon.

Just one thing could you please add the feature to play other mods on stonecraft because I want to play mineclone 5 on stonecraft as it looks nice

hello how do I run the game, it does not open XDI tried to get the game in the folder and open it for the promo minetest, but it doesn't work, I think I need to use the client

Can You release Bit32 version of the game?

the 32-bit version is no longer supported by the dev, sorry.

Hey guys, a new big version is out!

awesome. good work. keep up the good job.

changelog of 1.3.1 please?

Hey, I have no changelog. Over 8k files were changed, but don't expect a big content update. But the biggest changes are
- upgraded to Minetest 5.4.0
- updated many third-party mods, removed some outdated mods and replaced with newer ones
- removed german translation (too time consuming)
- bug fixes

I downloaded the game, but when i opened the file, the game isnt in there. All i see is the files for the game. Plz help

A new version is out. I recommend to use the App for automatic updates.

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can you make it that it supports 1090 1080 p or something it doesnt switch to fullscreen it says the graphic mode is not supported

i dont care if i have to use strech res too

Settings -> All Settings -> Graphics -> In-Game -> Advanced

Screen width
Screen height

I know it's awkward :(.

Offline? How do I "Play Offline?"


Explain that sentence please!

If you create a local world, you don't need an internet connection. For example, in Minecraft you have to log in via Minecraft launcher regardless you want play offline or online.

is possible to play on offline??

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is it possible to do an option do invert mouse right click betwen left click cause i prefer to mie/attack with right click .Thank you (im not talking about the original one wich is to invert the mouse not the click)

Hi. I have a bit of problem. I've been trying to fix the screen size the game loads in. It usually loads the game covering my whole screen (full-screen), but I want to keep it windowed and down to 1064 x 600. I've been using the Minetest settings to edit the screen size, but when I launch the game again, it goes back to full resolution (the windowed option works). I tried editing the minetest.config file and that didn't work either. Anybody have any tips for me?

Try alt + enter or just f4 if it dont work i dont know how to do it..

? news about this project?

MrCerealGuy probably took a break or something. Although, I'd appreciate it if it would stay in this version of "minetest" so that it can still remain compatible with older servers using multi-player, but he can still update stuff for single-player. There are some servers I enjoy that aren't up-to-date to 5.3.0.

oh... thx for info..

A new version ist out. Sorry for the long time.

any new updates anyway out there?? !!

Yes! Sorry for the long time.

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mt 5.3.0 is out, are there any plans for a new updated version?

what about minetest version 5.3.0 and this game? game is mostly outdated?? !!


me too

me too

ay yo what's that block game called again?
oh yeah it's stonecraft

Very funny hahaha

My menu screen and in-game is a little on the left how do i set it to the center?

I'm playing on windows 10 laptop

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is this like minecraft? (nvm it's inspired by it)

edit : does it feature co-op


I love the originality in this game! It's so unique!

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I downloaded the game, but when i opened the file, the game isnt in there. All i see is the files for the game. Please help


It's in the "bin" folder.

This game is absolutely amazing! I have only played a little bit, but haven't experienced any issues.  

vc pode fazer o design da aranha menos assustador

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quick translation: "can you make the spider a little bit less frigthening?"

Yeah they are wayy too realistic, i have mild arachnophobia so it doesnt bother me that much but other people might not even play the game because of that, and i don't believe there is a any major reason for them to be that realistic.

oh.thank they scare me a lot but i go try the game  I hope I don't shit in my pants

i think i saw the video on youtube right?

please make new menu its looks old

how to make server to play with friend please help me

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Minetest 5.2.0 has been released. When will the dev release a new stonecraft version?

hola tengo una pregunta lo descargo y cuando boy a dentrar me aparece que solo hay de 64bits y yo tengo de 32bits que puedo aser

only 64bit is supported...

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my worlds are deleted after i leave the game

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any news about updates?

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