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does it require wifi

No, you can play over a wired network or start a single player game without a network at all.

do all minetest mods work in stonecraft?

I don't know. If the mods are up to date, then they should work with Stonecraft.

ow nice ! In this version i cant even try creating  server >:(

Make i easyer man :(

Why can't you create a server?

idk how

And btw i cant even craete a world with this version ! Nothing m8 ! I cant create a survival or creative world everytime i get the same crap of some errors or something with files or....something similar

Please make a bug report >> Stonecraft Bug report

what is the sense of this now? I just told you what is the problem

No, you didn't. I need detailed information, error message, your debug.txt and so on.

ok i did make a bug raport but i didnt tell everythng the game thowed at me because i dont understand more than it was an error...aanndd...some files got currupted...aannddd....the world was just black...aanndd sometimes the game cruch

Your report is not very useful. Without an error message I can only guess what's wrong. Error messages are saved in debug.txt. Windows 7 32 or 64 bit?

When i create a world in the ''server'' tab  it says this : An Error Occured 

and some other stuff than just a dev expert will understamd

I am a dev super mega ultra noob 

(but still interested)

Hmm...for me it works. Can you paste the content of Stonecraft/bin/debug.txt at Send me the link via the Stonecraft Bug report. I need more information, thank you!

ow wait...I am on ver 1.2.0

I have to reinstal everything now 

Why the game dosent autoupdate?

@MrCerealGuy: What is the difference between 1.2.3 update and the 1.2.2 update? L . L


Nope, skins came with 1.2.0a.

wait...last time I did a comment 

What version it was? It was not the last one? 


Technical stuff

  • Updated Minetest engine from 0.4.15 -> 0.4.16
  • Updated libraries like sqlite3, LuaJIT, zlib etc.
  • Updated technic mod
  • Fixed bug in giant mushrooms
  • Integrated Travis CI for automated software tests


  • More German translation
  • Optional auto item pick up (like in Minecraft)
  • Added map generator/biomes to manual

and some more..

Oh I see! Thanks! :)

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The Game is Crashing when i play in-game

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Hello NobodyKnowsMe, can you paste the content of Stonecraft/bin/debug.txt at Send me the link via the Stonecraft Bug report. I need more information, thank you!


Are there any mods in this game? and also, this is a fantastic game! i'm looking forward to the finished game.

Hey Astheno, thank you for your comment. Please have a look at my wiki Modding Stonecraft.


I love the game! Even told a few friends about it. But I have one question: Will you have the option to upload your own skins in the future?

Hey, thank you for your comment! I think so, but the upload process must be very very secure if players can upload files, so I wait until I have more time for that.

Deleted post

Nope, in Stonecraft are many features you won't find in Minecraft (vanilla version) and it's open-soure (c++ and not java) and free of charge. I have Minecraft too, and I want make things different. Try it out and make your own optinion, Or let it be :D.


minecraft copy


You're funny. We should drink beer together and talk about Stonecraft.


Stonecraft is minecraft with mods but free


Because my antivirus detects it as a virus

Can you tell me what anti virus program you're using?


Thank you. Avast is a very good anti virus program, but in that case it is a false alert. I'm the dev of Stonecraft and promise you there is no virus in Stonecraft. You can add a programm exception in Avast.


Is virus

Stonecraft is not a virus or malware. Why do you think so?

My anti-virus deleted it. It rarely does it.

Hm...ok. But Stonecraft has  > 9.600 Downloads. And I read for the first time of it. And if Stonecraft was a virus would have already erased it and banned my account. Be sure, it is not a virus. A virus program can be wrong.

ok well now it is saying its safe but it requires a password to change my computer


Instantly got deleted because I have an anti-virus program on my computer.

Well, it is not a virus. It is a game and if you have itch right now and it is not deleted then, your antivirus is bad and you are just lying. :P


The reason it was deleted was because it was a .exe file rather than a .zip file, like all the other games. most viruses are a .exe file so I'm happy that it deleted it.

Strange anti-virus program. Is it deleting all .exe files downloaded from the web? And only because you put an .exe file in a .zip file (like most itch games), it won't be more secure.


It does not delete all .exe files, but it deleted this one. It isn't a cheap anti-virus program, but it really helps. Every time something is downloaded it says if it is safe or not. Usually it will just say it isn't safe, not delete it completely. It either is a virus and they are saying it isn't, or they didn't put too much work into the game. If it was in a .zip file it probably would still delete it. This game most likely has a virus in it.




Hello LarryTheLlama, thank you for your detailed comment :D.

Great I love the new update! Keep up the great work and I assure you that this game will thrive thorougly! :D

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@MrCerealGuy: I did find quite an unusual bug. When you want to use the "sneak" button, it just teleports me 20 blocks up the there (and more). I did change the keys for it; Originally, it was L-CTRL but, I switched it to L-SHIFT instead. Is there anyway you can fix that? :3

Comments for StoneCraft: It is a wonderful game; I would rate it more then its potential. The game is very easy to use and does well to visualize Minecraft. It also does provide and support different mods that can alter the game's performance and abilities in-game. Thank you for contributing your hardwork and effort to making this game into a stabilized formatting! We all appreciate it, especially me! :D 


Hello BluA57, thank you for your feedback. I got the same bug :D, it will be fixed in 1.2.1a.

this happens with my ctrl left


Great! I will be looking forward to in its advances. One question: By any chance, do you in an estimated time that update 1.21.1a will be launched in that game?


Today :D

Bit dissapoint that its laggier than Minecraft itself its way more laggy but is a good idea maybe use java eventually and then it will work better then Minecraft.. hopefully


Hello xXLinkster17Xx, thank you for your feedback. Stonecraft is a bit laggy, but consider that Stonecraft is still in development (alpha) and not a finished game like Minecraft.

To make it better then minecraft add vehicles please (cough* Fords cough*)

I'm bored I own Minecraft Premium and I wanna see if this can run on my Laptop that Can run Actual Minecraft If not Very Dissapointed


how about you support mojang by buying minecraft?

Hello barric, I have bought Minecraft. It's a great game and inspired me to make Stonecraft in my free time.

world is not generating problems wut evr i do and every mob and skin is white !!!

Cool Update...WUT I HAVE TO DO ?! O_o

Strange, I don't have these bugs. Are there errors in the debug.txt file? You can copy it via

acctualy they stoped even if i didnt try again to make a survival....I supose these errors stoped


u can't just send a online update to the users that using the game and let it update? Like steam?

Now with skins! Download the new version 1.2.0-alpha!

the minimap has changed a bit

i have to delete my old coppy and istall this one or is instant upgrade?

You can install the new version over your old version.

Bad timing..I just installed new update and delete previous

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Woooppsss!!! I guess when i installed it it just updated my old game NICE

Fo next versions better be carefull with the not so simple mobs

BECAUSE IT IS A DRAGON RAMPAGE ! All the other mobs spawn great axcept : The Phenix Dragon of Fir ethat is like hunting u !!! Cmon ! I cant set home or make a survival video without going creative andgive myself a night swoord

Yeah you're right, Phoenix and Moonheron etc are actually very hard, they make me crazy :D. I promise to make better game balancing in further releases.

ok thanks !

It tells me I ran out of Lua memory does anyone know where I can go to change the Lua memory setting.

Hello Brand7625, have you downloaded the actual version? No, there is no Lua memory setting. Can you post me your debug.txt via

How would I know if I downloaded the actual version?

Do a right-click on stonecraft.exe, go to the details. The file version should be

Mine says 1.2.0. What do I do?

I know i already said that 10001 times but now :

In the next versions pls if u can just make a server maker . U know turn your maps into servers 

not much just 20 players

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Well just to help this question, making a server is not so easy but if you really want to make server, it will take alot of effort and time to make one successfully. If you want, type in Google on how to make a server in StoneCraft. All though, since StoneCraft is powered by Minetest in a way, type in Google how to make a server in Minetest. If you make a server correctly, you should go to the serverlist in StoneCraft and check to see if your server pops up. Hope this helps! :)

When I load a "new" map the screen is grey and then it just goes back to the menu or it crashes. What do I do?


Hello Miner Shinekaranashi, in the upcoming version 1.2.0a you'll be able to change your skin!

What program did you use to create the setup?

Hello Anadeia, I'm using InstallForge. It's free and very easy to use.

Video from GameFrame

This is GREAT! However, I don't understand how to stack items. Can you help me?

Hello SkittlesCat, thank you for your feedback! I hope this will help you: Dropping/Stacking items

Video from Rhinochoc

Hey MrCerealGuy plsi need your help ! I want to change my account I got banned fom somehwere and i wanna change my account so i can enter it is not agasing anyrule people do this but idk how !!! PLS

Hey IanniEx/GalacticNukeGames, I can't do that. You have to contact the admin(s) of the server from where you got the ban. I'm only the admin from the official Stonecraft Survival Server and there is no ban.

eeeemmm wut i wanna change my minetest account ?

Hey, in Stonecraft/Minetest there is no global account/registration like for example in Minecraft. For every server you have to choose a separate Name/Password.

I tryed to play on that srvr with my old pc and my phone ! DONT WORK ! Is like they got my rutter number banned !

Hello, yes obviously they banned your IP.

BUT HOW I GET AGAIN TO THE SRVR ? Maybe i have to go somewhere else with internet?

I see three possibilities:

1. You contact the admin and he unban you.
2. You get a new IP from your internet service provider (doesn't work with hostname bans).
3. You choose another server.

I am playing on other srvr more popular

Why is lagging?

Hello Minecrazy999, it depends on your hardware. And keep in mind, Stonecraft is in development, it is currently in alpha state.

does the game have a "creative" mode I'm interested in building

Hello rileyghost55, of course Stonecraft has got a creative mode. Have fun!

Video from IHATEPINK

How do you get mods?

Hello Mr.TankUniverse, here you get some information >> Modding Stonecraft

is there a gun mode ?

I would try this mod Firearms.

how do you tame things

You can try to tame animals by feeding them. Try to tame a sheep with wheat. Wolves love meat.

this is an amazing game, continue developing this OP

Hello DefenderOfHyrule, thank you! Have fun!

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