A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Stonecraft is an InfiniMiner/Minecraft inspired game started in 2016 based on the Minetest open-source voxel game engine. It will be kept lightweight enough to run on fairly old hardware.

Stonecraft is open-source and free, released under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Thanks a lot to the Minetest community, to "Notch" the creator of Minecraft and to Linus Torvalds, the creator of the free operating system Linux.

This game IS NOT FINISHED. Don't expect it to work as well as a finished game will. Please report any bugs. When doing that, debug.txt is useful. Please use the Stonecraft bug report.

Copyright (c) 2016-2018 Andreas "MrCerealGuy" Zahnleiter <mrcerealguy [at] gmx [dot] de> and contributors


[31/08/2018] New version 1.2.9-alpha. This is the most stable version ever! Fixed many bugs and added new content. No more support for Win 32-bit. Please deinstall first the old version of Stonecraft!

For Itch.io App users and in general: you have to deinstall the old version of Stonecraft! Unfortunately the Itch.io App doesn't delete old files during the update process. Don't run the setup over an old installation.


[13/02/2018] New version 1.2.8-alpha. Hotfixes.

[12/02/2018] New version 1.2.7-alpha. Fixed bugs, updated engine and worked on german translation.

{13/11/2017] Added 1.2.4-alpha win64 executable if you want to connect to servers with an older network protocol. Place it in your <Stonecraft>/bin folder and run stonecraft-1.2.4a.exe and not stonecraft.exe. For a local singleplayer game or hosting a game use stonecraft.exe.


Most of these can be changed in the "Change Keys" menu. The default and most important controls are:

Control Description
W/A/S/D move
Space jump
Left mouse button Punch, mine blocks, move an item stack in an inventory
Right mouse button use (e.g. open chest or furnace), place blocks, move one item or split items in an inventory
Shift+Right mouse button place blocks
Middle mouse button move 10 items in an inventory
Mouse wheel select item in the hotbar
0-9 select item in the hotbar
Q drop block, item or tool in hand
I open or close the inventory menu
T open the chat window
Strg descend on ladders or sneak (walk slower, prevents falling off ledges)
F9 Cycle through minimap modes
Shift + F9 Change minimap orientation
F12 Take screenshot
Esc Pause menu/abort/exit (pauses only singleplayer game)

Screenshots and Videos

See more screenshots on my Flickr album.

Check these videos from my Stonecraft YouTube Playlist.

Stonecraft Wiki

Visit the Stonecraft Wiki for more information.

Third-party server

Click here for a full server list. Please notice: The Stonecraft client actually supports only Stonecraft server 1.2.9-alpha, Minetest server 0.5.0-dev and newer.

Platforms/System requirements

Stonecraft supports Windows 7, 8, 10 and Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or higher and other debian-based distros).

Processor: Dual Core Intel/AMD
Memory: 2 GB DDR2
Hard Disk Space: 400 MB
Video Card: 1 GB Video Memory, capable of Shader,
OpenGL, DirectX®: 9.0c or higher
Screen resolution: 1024x768 or higher


Stonecraft by Andreas "MrCerealGuy" Zahnleiter <mrcerealguy [at] gmx [dot] de>. Please visit my project website. Have a nice day!

This game IS NOT FINISHED. Don't expect it to work as well as a finished game will. Please report any bugs. When doing that, debug.txt is useful. Please use the Stonecraft bug report.


setup-stonecraft-1.2.9a-win64.exe 116 MB
stonecraft-1.2.9a-client-linux64.tar.gz 73 MB
stonecraft-1.2.9a-server-linux64.tar.gz 71 MB
stonecraft-1.2.4a-win64-old-net-proto.zip 3 MB


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Loved it. It was amazing.

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fuck me daddy

I used the installer and selected yes for desktop icon but after it finished I searched every nook and cranny for the game but it was nowhere to be found. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??? I have Windows 10, 64 Bit and it's brand new but it is not showing up ANYWHERE.

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I don't know. I use Windows 8.1 64-Bit and I can't reproduce this issue. Have you opened the installation path? Is there any Stonecraft folder? Or are you only missing the desktop icons?

On the second time I installed I installed to desktop but nothing popped up...

Only shortcut missing. Cant open it.

That's weird. Then make a shortcut by hand ;-). You find Stonecraft.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\Stonecraft\bin\. In the doc\ folder there is a Manual.html, usually it should be here too a shortcut. Maybe you have to run the setup with admin rights. But I can only guess, maybe other people have the same issue.

What sucks is I can't do admin. XD I'll try.

OK, now it just won't open. :P

how would i change the resolution the game is playing at? all the menus and even the crosshair when i actually start the game are in the lower right hand corner of the screen. thank you for any help

You can change the resolution in advanced settings->graphics->game->advanced. Or you edit <stonecraft-directory>\stonecraft.conf, e.g.:

screen_w = 1600
screen_h = 900
fullscreen = false

Please first update to the new version.

The game keeps crashing when you open an world, because the world gen stops working. Is there an fix?

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A new version ist out. Maybe this helps!? But you have to generate a new world.

Hi just found this game and once it installs i will play it and say how it was but off the bat it looks good from the screenshots

Hi, there is a new version with many bug fixes.

when came new updates? bugfixes and more !?

Maybe this month.

The new version ist out.

Great game! to bad i cant play it, it give me an error. Was looking forward to it and i hope you continue this :)

Thx u! Can u tell me the error message?

Hi, there is a new version with many bug fixes. Maybe you have now more luck ;-).

Nice Minetest clone bro

Nope bro. Stonecraft is a Minetest fork with own engine modifactions, a new and easy way to create worlds and includes many top assets from the Minetest community with many adjustments to deliver a good game feeling. And the work is going on.

Still looks and feels a lot like Minetest but you're right it's not a clone

When i click "play" after creating a world, a loading screen appears for a split second and then i crash. No idea what i'm doing wrong.

Nevermind, fixed it by leaving fullscreen. Likely an issue with my crappy video card.

How have Minecraft not copyrighted you yet?


They legally cant do that, since they haven't took any of minecrafts coding, its technically considered an original work. They haven't taken any assets or anything.


Hey Habbo Noble ;-).



yay a new update!! thanks.


when comes the next update of the game?

I suppose mid-February. Actually I haven't much time.

I... just... like... why.... e... how haven't you gotten copyright claims yet!?

hvae you serched 'minecraft' in the... anywhere you will get like a million things

the game dosen't work when i downloaded and installed the game its gived me a error

I have a question: There are some online servers that can only run protocol 24 - 32. This new update runs protocol 36. I was wondering, "How do you switch to an older protocol?" If you have any clue about, please reply to me.

Hi, I have added a file called stonecraft-1.2.4a-win64-old-net-proto.zip. It uses the old protocol version 24 - 32. Extract the file into your Stonecraft binary folder. Please read the update notice from today for more information!

Where is that file?

Are you using the Itch.io App? In the download section from  https://mrcerealguy.itch.io/stonecraft you'll find the file.

Yes I am using it but it doesn't appear in the app. I copied the link sent on my browser and it does show. There are no signs of crashes, buffers, glitches, and errors.

Ok, in next release, I'll add the file into the setup package and give better information if someone want to connect to a server with the old network protocol.

I see u added the thing i suggested when 2.3 came out . The mod spawn customization . Its cool . Only one question : how do i access the nether ? Its enabled . But if i light a nether portal nothing happens , to be honnest obsidian doesn't burn at all . Am I doing something wrong ?

Sorry for the late answer. Have you used a mese crystal fragment to activate the nether portal? You have to stay inside the portal, it takes some seconds to teleport you to the nether.


LOL I used obsidian not mese


is anyone else having a problem where as soon the map loads the game jut crashes 

Hello TheBenwoir, can you paste the content of debug.txt into https://hastebin.com/ and post me the link?

(1 edit)


./stonecraft: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.22' not found (required by ./stonecraft)

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Hello, try this:

First run these commands

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install aptitude

and then try

sudo apt-get install libstdc++6

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I install 1.2.6a and also an old version 1.2.4a, both the same error message as before.
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New version 1.2.5-alpha!

- More options to customize your world
- Mapping kit for survival mode (you start without map)
- "Nether" dimension
- New mobs for the "Morlendor" dimension
- New rideable horse
- New animal "Felucco", spawns in the savannah
- Improved net code (maybe incompatible with older servers)
- Better performance
- Bug fixes
- and more...


Rideable horse, looks great with Link skin :D

I'm "Felucco" <3.

Morlendor dimension

Find a Morlendor portal in Stonecraft to get there.

Nether dimension

Craft a Nether portal with obsidian blocks (4x5). Activate the portal with a Mese Crystal.

just stop by to say Its awesome! Is it written in lua?? And what method you use for fast sine and cos calculation?

Hey, the engine ist written in C++ 11 (based on Minetest), game assets are written in Lua. Actually I use only math.sin and math.cos. I don't have much experience in Lua math optimisations but I'm considering to use Lua FFI for calculations with many iterations.

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When will the next release be published? This game is so awesome.

Hey cHyper, thank you! Maybe next week.

Sorry, I need maybe 1-2 weeks more for bugfixing and tests.

@MrCerealGuy: Will you continue to impliment anything into this project of yours?

Hi BluA57, yes :D. The next release is coming soon!

I want to be able to chose what mobds apear or not 

Those giant worms are so often found that i can not build anything without this fear 

I want to see a setting on the not so simple mobs where chose how rare will the mob be 

because u rember when i said that Phonixes were litteraly hunting the player 

so it whould be a good idea making the rarity bar

Hey, it is planned to offer more options. Maybe next release.


its strange when i play it cause i go to a world i then run the game but the computer takes over as if im not in control my computer just blew up several of my best creations which all took several hours to make i will intall the update then try again...


how use the instaler ? I open it ... Nothing happens ... I reopen it it says Pls cloe the running setup to continue...BUT there is no running setup..Do i have to WinRAR it ? 


Oi, mate, you complain too much. You do know this game is just a unfinished project that contains numerous bugs, right? Now quit your whining and learn how to use programs carefully before you start downloading malicous things. =3

ok I know that the game is on alpha But the job of an aplha or beta tester is to point out all the bugs thing that I am the only person that does this . And my problem is not the little bugs My problem are the bugs that do not let u play the game itself 

Hey, I asked you several times to give me the content of debug.txt, nothing happend until today. I can't help if I don't have any error reports.


How to use? Double-click and follow the instructions. You're the first person who can't install Stonecraft :D.  I use InstallForge for creating the setups, so I can't give support for this software. I'm sorry.

THIS VERSION OF THE GAME COMPLOTS AGASING ME ! I can't create a world of any kind . Whatever I do it whould give me a error message Whatever error JUST FIND ONE ! Snow mod or other things that come with other mods I guess ... IDK I can't create a world !!!

I've just uploaded a new version. Give it a try.

It did not even completly instal but I can't run my old world Because : The Server is probably running a different version of stonecraft....AND WHAT ? Why not ?

i  can play for one day?!?!

does it require wifi

No, you can play over a wired network or start a single player game without a network at all.

do all minetest mods work in stonecraft?

I don't know. If the mods are up to date, then they should work with Stonecraft.

ow nice ! In this version i cant even try creating  server >:(

Make i easyer man :(

Why can't you create a server?

idk how

And btw i cant even craete a world with this version ! Nothing m8 ! I cant create a survival or creative world everytime i get the same crap of some errors or something with files or....something similar

Please make a bug report >> Stonecraft Bug report

what is the sense of this now? I just told you what is the problem

No, you didn't. I need detailed information, error message, your debug.txt and so on.

When i create a world in the ''server'' tab  it says this : An Error Occured 

and some other stuff than just a dev expert will understamd

I am a dev super mega ultra noob 

(but still interested)

Hmm...for me it works. Can you paste the content of Stonecraft/bin/debug.txt at pastebin.com? Send me the link via the Stonecraft Bug report. I need more information, thank you!

ow wait...I am on ver 1.2.0

I have to reinstal everything now 

Why the game dosent autoupdate?

@MrCerealGuy: What is the difference between 1.2.3 update and the 1.2.2 update? L . L


Nope, skins came with 1.2.0a.

wait...last time I did a comment 

What version it was? It was not the last one? 


Technical stuff

  • Updated Minetest engine from 0.4.15 -> 0.4.16
  • Updated libraries like sqlite3, LuaJIT, zlib etc.
  • Updated technic mod
  • Fixed bug in giant mushrooms
  • Integrated Travis CI for automated software tests


  • More German translation
  • Optional auto item pick up (like in Minecraft)
  • Added map generator/biomes to manual

and some more..

Oh I see! Thanks! :)

(1 edit)

The Game is Crashing when i play in-game

(1 edit)

Hello NobodyKnowsMe, can you paste the content of Stonecraft/bin/debug.txt at pastebin.com? Send me the link via the Stonecraft Bug report. I need more information, thank you!


Are there any mods in this game? and also, this is a fantastic game! i'm looking forward to the finished game.

Hey Astheno, thank you for your comment. Please have a look at my wiki Modding Stonecraft.


I love the game! Even told a few friends about it. But I have one question: Will you have the option to upload your own skins in the future?

Hey, thank you for your comment! I think so, but the upload process must be very very secure if players can upload files, so I wait until I have more time for that.

Deleted post

Nope, in Stonecraft are many features you won't find in Minecraft (vanilla version) and it's open-soure (c++ and not java) and free of charge. I have Minecraft too, and I want make things different. Try it out and make your own optinion, Or let it be :D.


minecraft copy


You're funny. We should drink beer together and talk about Stonecraft.


Stonecraft is minecraft with mods but free


I swear to god that spider texture in one of that screenshots is almost 1/1 ripped of a texture pack i used in minecraft. 

There are so many Minecraft clones out there so you decided to make another one ? 

Because textures are only slightly different. Gameplay is almost the same and the fact that its free doesn't make it better.

Buy Minecraft. On HRK its 1,34€. You get all mods and modpacks aviable for minecraft (Which are way more than for these minecraft clones). You get regular updates and compatible texture packs and a multiplayer with thousands of players on each of the million servers. (Yes, that was a hyperbole.)

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